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A female doctor talks to an older man.

Make the most of your appointment with your doctor

A little preparation can go a long way

There are a few steps you can take to make sure you make the most of your next doctor’s appointment.

  • Before your visit, it can be helpful to make some notes about what you would like to discuss with your doctor. This will help keep you on track and make sure you don’t forget anything.
    For example:
  • Your symptoms and how they affect your daily life
  • Any information, such as being a smoker (or ex-smoker), or if you think you may have been exposed to dangerous materials in your work (even if it was a long time ago)
  • If you have family history of lung cancer, tell them about any relatives that have had it
  • Whether they think screening for lung cancer (or other lung diseases) is appropriate
  • That you are worried about these symptoms and what might be causing them
  • When you book your appointment, it could be a good to request a double appointment. This will allow enough time to discuss everything in detail with your doctor and not feel rushed.
  • If you think an interpreter could help during your appointment, be sure to notify them when booking your appointment.
  • Consider if you want a support person with you – they may be able to take notes and help you recall what the doctor says
  • If you are meeting with a new doctor for the first time, it could also be helpful to make a note of any other medical conditions you may have and any medications you are currently taking.

Before leaving your doctor, ask them how long you should wait before returning if your symptoms do not go away.

If your symptoms are not improving and you’re worried, return to your doctor.