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Illustration of a man coughing at his dining table.

Worried about someone’s
lung health?

Do you have a friend or whānau member with concerning lung health symptoms?

Maybe they are coughing all the time for what seems like weeks on end? Or have they started wheezing recently, and you know something is not right.

Well, it’s time to go with your gut, if something doesn’t seem right – it needs to be checked out.

Some of the symptoms of lung cancer can be similar to a number of less serious lung issues – the important thing is that they get checked out.

But you know how it is with people and their own health sometimes – especially our older loved ones, koroua, mothers, uncles and aunties. They can sometimes be the last people to do anything about their own health, they are too busy looking after others.

So now maybe it’s time to look after them…

And the fact that you are here reading this hopefully means you are doing just that.

A confident young man smiles at the camera with the words 'Take Charge' in the frame.

On the following pages we will discuss some of the common lung cancer symptoms – such as a nagging cough – and what you, or your loved one, should do about it.

A young 20 something man proudly stands with a protective arm around his granddad.

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